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Health and Safety Induction

What do I need to tell my new employees about Health and Safety in their induction?

At the very least the following areas should be covered in a new starter induction:

  • Risks associated with the role and the control methods for them – this should involve issuing them with an Employee Handbook, Policies and Procedures.

These documents will be a useful reference tool for them throughout their employment therefore it is important they are issued at the start

  • Give them a copy of The Health and Safety Policy or tell them where the policy can accessed

Communicating your Health & Safety Policy is a legal requirement and will ensure all employees understand their responsibilities.

  • Inform them on practical procedures such as first aid arrangements, what to do in the event of a fire, and facilities such as toilets and kitchens

This will also ensure you meet the requirements of the Fire Safety Order (2005)

  • Discuss job specific tasks and assess them where appropriate e.g. DSE assessment or Lone Working risk assessment

Each job will have different risks and you should consider individual requirements in order to control them

  • Identify any training needs and set a plan

It is all well and good discussing these with your new employee but a good safety management system will record what has been discussed with the employee, the content and an acknowledgement of their acceptance or understanding. This may prove key later in their employment with you.

If you need support with any of the above including getting the right documentation then get in touch.

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