Display Screen Equipment

Display Screen Equipment

Display Screen Equipment

As an employer you must ensure that all users of Display Screen Equipment undertake an assessment that will check that they are not being caused any discomfort or injury by the equipment they are using.

Key safety points for your computer workstation environment


Having your keyboard separate from the screen, with the ability to tilt, will allow you to find the most comfortable keying position. Make sure the keys are clear to allow the most effective use.


The mouse should have ease of movement to avoid overstretching and awkward movement, a mouse mat with a wrist support may make it more comfortable. There are settings you can change to make the speed and accuracy of the mouse pointer to your liking.


Make sure the screen is clear, you can adjust the text size and brightness in settings to suit you. The screen should tilt and swivel so that the users eye line is at the top of the screen


Have the right programs installed to be able to do the job – less frustration and less stress!


Have a suitable size desk for the computer station, telephone and paperwork to allows efficient working and without stretching or reaching awkwardly.


An adjustable chair is needed with good lumber support, set the chair so that forearms can be horizontal,  feet touch the floor and to enable you to sit close enough to the floor.


Have enough space to be able to move around.  Being able to control light and air temperature will make the space comfortable at different times of day and weather. Take regular breaks from your screen to rest your eyes.


Review your companies DSE policy to ensure it meets the legal provision of eye sight tests and glasses.

What to do if a user reports any concerns?

Discuss with the individual their concerns and check they have their workstation set up correctly,

Finally; if further action is required speak to your H&S Advisor or Occupational Health Department for support.

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