Why Manage Health & Safety

Manage Health & Safety

Why manage Health and Safety

Why should you manage Health and Safety? There are three main reasons why you should consider managing Health and Safety in your business.

Firstly; Moral reasons:

It is your moral duty to prevent your workers from pain and suffering from injuries and ill health. You need to do this by providing them with a safe environment to work. Demonstrating that you take the Health and Safety and well being of employees seriously will make you a desirable employer. Consequently it will enable you to reap the benefits of a safe and happy workforce.

Secondly; Legal and social reasons:

There are strict legal obligations imposed on you as an employer and your employees relating to Health and Safety.

Legal reasons are based upon compliance with the national laws, and international standards to avoid compensation as a result of prosecution before the court.

Therefore you have legal obligations that set the boundaries and provide the rules for the conduct of your business. You can use these rules to form your Health and Safety Policy and related policies.

Social reasons demand you provide a safe place of work, safe plant and equipment, safe systems of work, competent workers and a high standard of training and supervision.

Thirdly; Financial reasons:

Accidents and ill health result in various direct and indirect cost. You may have to pay an employee sick pay or you may need to repair equipment. Some of the cost you can insure against however some you cannot. As a result it is important you manage your Health and Safety effectively.

To prevent losses and damage to profitability you are required to manage Health and Safety to avoid accidents and ill health. If you effectively manage Health and Safety this may work in your favour if ever faced with a compensation claim.


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