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Duties to Home Workers Health & Safety

If you employ home workers you should carry out a risk assessment of their activities. You should look at the control measures needed to ensure their safety.

Home Worker’s Lone Working

You will need establish a communication method to ensure their safety whilst working alone, including travelling to and from home for business purposes.

Duties on Home Worker’s equipment

Many employers now offer the flexibility to work from home however this can blur the lines as to what they are responsible for when it comes to equipment.

As the employer you are responsible for the equipment you supply to enable the worker to carry out their role. For example a laptop, printer, mobile phone must be in good working condition and where appropriate – PAT tested. Any equipment the employee uses at home that is their own equipment e.g. home phone, is the employee’s responsibility.

As an employer you are responsible to ensure that the employee has a safe space of work by carrying out a DSE assessment as you would if you were providing them a space in the office.

Including Home Workers in H&S Communication

You also need to ensure that you don’t miss out those who work from home on training, briefings and updates on all matters of your business; including Health and Safety!

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