What does COVID-secure mean?


Health and Safety legislation has always required employers to ensure the health, safety and well-being of their employees and that every worker goes home safe at the end of the day. However current circumstances have meant that one very high profile call to action is to make sure that all businesses and workplaces are COVID-secure.

This means:

  • Being adaptable to the current guidelines being put in place and regularly reviewing control measures to ensure government requirements are met
  • Communicating the control measures through team briefings and signage as to what expectations and practices are in place to control the spread of the virus
  • Having a specific risk assessment in place to document and review the control measures put in place
  • Listen to your workforce and consult with them on their concerns and feedback
  • Not putting any person be it employee, visitor or member of the public at increased risk of catching coronavirus by being in your workplace

The HSE are carrying out workplace checks to make sure businesses are complying with the COVID-secure guidance.  Those identified as the responsible person will be asked to provide evidence on the measures they have in place.

Action that may be taken if the HSE are not satisfied that the risks are being managed may be:

  • Provision of specific guidance
  • Issuing enforcement notices
  • Stopping certain work practices until made safe
  • Where businesses fail to comply this could lead to prosecution

No business is exempt from being COVID-secure, if you would like support in ensuring your business meets the guidelines specifically for your industry please get in touch.  We can write and/or review your documentation and assist in communicating your control measures to your team.

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