Getting to know you is the first step in building a relationship with any potential clients; which is why it is the first service we offer – free of charge!

A personal site visit from our H&S Consultant means that we can experience first hand how your business operates, what risks are involved and the type of support you require.

We will discuss your needs with you face to face, advising on areas you may need to focus on or need to improve as well as informing you of the packages we offer and how we can make them bespoke to you.

We work with a variety of industries and sectors, tailoring the vast amount of Health and Safety guidance and legislation there is out there to individual business need.

All businesses, from sole traders, manufacturers to charities must comply with H&S legislation but knowing where to start is often a the first hurdle.

Our clients use our services to get over that hurdle; by writing them their first H&S Policy, to conducting risk assessments or just being that person they go to for advice and to ask questions.


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