For Charities; the HSW Act sets out the general duties that employers have towards employees. It also requires employers and the self-employed to protect people other than those at work (e.g. members of the public, volunteers/charity workers, clients and customers) from risks to their health and safety arising out of, or in connection with, their work activities.

Therefore we can provide advice and support to Charities to ensure that you are providing a safe environment for both your employees and others that may visit your organisation.

The health of your employees and volunteers is an area we can provide support on. Particularly if your charity supports those in sensitive or vulnerable situations; the protection of workers health is paramount. We include mental health hazards as part of our risk assessments and utilise key contacts in this area to help support your employees and volunteers, when they are doing what they do best – supporting others!

We understand that funding may limit the type of support you can afford; which why we will always provide a bespoke cost for our services that will give you just the right level of guidance you require.


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