Manual Handling, FLT use and slips and trips are the most common areas for advice in Logistics and Distribution businesses. It is important to ensure all employees are appropriately trained and that you have a clear accident reporting process.

Training can take place in the form of toolbox talks, of which we have a range of topics and documents and topics that can be adapted to your business.  Alternatively you can use our e Learning system that provides a time and cost effective way to train your employees with CPD accredited courses and track their completion using the management function; ideal for courses that need regular refreshers.

Having robust risk assessments in Logistics and Distribution businesses are key to minimising risks in potentially hazardous environment.  Where there are many processes to be completed and potentially harmful machinery being used it is important to have fully analysed the risks and communicated your control methods to your employees in a way that they understand and will keep them safe.

Accident and near miss reporting and investigation will enable you to keep on top of employee understanding of the processes involved in their jobs and alter ways of working if they are posing a high level of risk.

This is all support that we can provide as well as helping with accident investigation, license and vehicle checks.

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