Engineering organisations can quite often be a hazardous environment, ensuring that the workplace is safe, that machinery is well maintained and risk assessed and that the correct COSHH assessment takes place are just some of the areas to consider and that we can advise on.

We can supply the appropriate documentation to ensure that all the above and more, are recorded in a compliant and legal manner and reviewed accordingly. Either by a company representative or by having HSSS Ltd as your identified competent person.

Training on work procedures and machinery are key in engineering; we have a suite of toolbox talks that can be adapted to your industry and an e Learning system that keeps track of all your training records; advising when refreshers are due and gives you a cost effective option to deliver your training requirements.

The health of your employees is important, we can advise on how to manage risks such as noise, vibration and fumes to ensure your workers go home fit and well each day; ready to return for another productive day.

We can also advise on working towards any accreditation’s as may be requested by your suppliers/clients.

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