Although viewed as a low risk area to work in; health and safety should not be underestimated in Offices. Working with computers and electrical equipment can come with hazards and assessments such as Display Screen Equipment assessments should be carried out. A clear and tidy work environment is also important to ensure that slips, trips and falls are kept to a minimum – one of the most common accident reasons in an office.

Whilst there may not be as many physical safety risks as other work places; hazards to health and mental well being should not be forgotten. Many office workers are subject to tight deadline, work pressures and responsibilities that if not handled correctly could bring about health concerns. Identifying these hazards either as part of your office risk assessment or as a separate well being process will ensure your employees day to day health is considered and they are supported.

Even though this is a low risk area it is important to keep up to date on advice and health and safety legislation and we can provide that information to ensure that you are providing a safe working environment.

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