Many manufacturing employees can suffer ill health from work place exposures. It is important to make sure that you provide the appropriate PPE for your employees, routinely monitor and assess risks and carry out regular inspection check of machinery and equipment.

Manufacturing environments can contain risks hazardous to health as well as safety, so it is important to consider noise, vibration and fumes in your risk assessments and have medical screening in place.

Training on work procedures and machinery are key in manufacturing; we have a suite of toolbox talks that can be adapted to your industry and an e Learning system that keeps track of all your training records; advising when refreshers are due and gives you a cost effective option to deliver your training requirements.

Our templates will give you the peace of mind that you are providing a safe environment for your workforce and have all the documentation required for any internal and external audit requirements.

We recognise that there is a vast diversity between industries under the umbrella of manufacturing and will tailor our advice and support to your individual company needs.

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