As one of the major employer industries in the UK even the smallest of retail outlet needs to ensure that it is adhering to health and safety requirements for both its employees and its customers. Manual Handling, Violence in the Workplace and Lone Working are common areas to consider.

Slips and trips remain the single most common cause of major injury in the retail sector.

Making sure your retail space is safe from hazards not only for your employees but also for your customers will reduce the potential for public liability claims and keeping the right documentation will be valuable in the case of any investigation.

The main focus on tackling work-related violence is towards your employees, but some of the control measures could also help to reduce the risk of violence to customers and members of the public on your premises, and reduce the risk of crime against your business.

Risk assessments and training to employees are part of the services we provide to ensure that whatever your size of retail organisation you can make sure you are legally compliant and have a successful business.

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